North west floods: More than 300 homes report flood damage

More than 300 homes in the north west have reported flood damage to Derry City and Strabane District Council.

That figure was revealed following a meeting of the council’s adverse weather working group earlier on Monday. Clean-up efforts are continuing in Londonderry and Strabane following flooding in the region at the weekend. It is understood 70mm of rain fell in the space of five hours, overwhelming river banks and drainage systems. Any home that has been damaged by the flooding can register their property with the council to avail of the Department for Communities Emergency scheme. This fund is available to assist householders by providing up to £1,000 to help make their home fit to live in following inspections by council staff. Business premises affected by flood damage do not qualify for financial support under this scheme.

‘A matter of urgency’

“To date in excess of 300 domestic properties are registered,” a spokesperson for the council said. “Twelve members of the Environmental Health team have been on site since lunchtime on Sunday carrying out inspections and processing the applications as a matter of urgency.” The spokesperson said they are “aiming to process and complete up to 200 of the applications by close of business on Tuesday”. They added that the council would continue to participate in regular meetings this week as part of a wider multi-agency response to address the key issues arising from the flood.

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