Climate Change Research Database

Climate NI Climate Change Research Database:

This database brings together recently published research conducted in, and pertaining to, Northern Ireland on the topic of climate change. This covers a broad range of disciplines including archaeology, engineering, ecology, and politics.

The database is presented as an Excel spreadsheet with tabs for the years 2021-2023 and pre-2021. Links are provided to key research contacts and further information on each project or paper. Where relevant, research has been mapped against risks identified in the Climate Change Risk Assessment for NI of the corresponding year.

This resource will be useful for academics, researchers, professionals, and policy makers in the area of climate change in NI. It is the only database of its kind in the region, and the work within represents the cutting edge of understanding climate change risks, as well as mitigation and adaptation strategies.

Download the NI Climate Change Research Database 

The downloadable Excel document has been designed to give basic information about the research and researchers with the opportunity to explore these further through the links provided.  Download the document by clicking here. 

Get in touch

If you have published recent research relating to climate change that has not been included in this database, please let us know so that we can update it. You can email us with details of the research at:


Northern Ireland Data Gaps and Accessibility 

At Climate Northern Ireland, we are aware that there are numerous data gaps across sectors in NI that are restricting the progress in addressing climate change both in terms of mitigation and adaptation.

As the above Climate Change Research Database shows, there is already a considerable amount of research being conducted across Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom and it is vital we exchange ideas and keep track of progress being made to ensure new data is used effectively and made accessible for the wider community. As such, we have been using a variety of resources, including the 2021 Climate Change Risk Assessment Evidence Report (CCRA3), to compile a list of known data gaps and related access issues for Northern Ireland.

The gaps 

We have developed a short report on Northern Ireland Data Gaps and Accessibility for climate change. It highlights the 19 climate risks and opportunities for NI where more evidence is required, as outlined in the CCRA3. The evidence required aims to fill significant gaps or reduce the uncertainty in the current level of understanding in order to assess the need for additional adaptation action.  Download the report here.