What We Do

Climate NI brings together members from a range of key sectors to share best practice and promote positive action to address the impacts of a changing climate.

By acting as a primary point of contact within Northern Ireland for all aspects of climate change, Climate Northern Ireland promotes a more coordinated and coherent approach that adds value to the work of our members.

Vision and Mission Statement

“Climate Northern Ireland is an intersectoral network devoted to understanding and promoting adaptation and mitigation actions in Northern Ireland that can address the climate emergency.”

VISION: A dynamic region resilient to the impacts of climate change and driven by a vibrant low–carbon economy that values the people and the environment of Northern Ireland, benefitting current and future generations.

MISSION: Climate Northern Ireland will increase understanding of the impacts of climate change in Northern Ireland and promote action to address climate change across all sectors of society.

Aims and Objectives:

1. Providing Information – raising awareness of the impacts of climate change within organisations and the general public, and equipping them with the information they need to adapt.

2. Supporting Forums – facilitating the development and delivery of open and informative forums to support members and others to share climate change adaptation and mitigation action through partnership and networking.

3. Promoting Action – raising the profile of climate change within Northern Ireland to encourage individual and sectoral action.

4. Supporting Policy Development – promoting and facilitating stakeholder engagement and input into climate change adaptation policy development and implementation.

Climate Northern Ireland Work Programme 2021–2023

Climate NI have summarised the 4 areas of the work programme for 2021–2023 alongside some of the key objectives.

View the Summary Climate NI Work Programme here.


Climate Northern Ireland is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) to help fulfil its obligations to address climate change. 

Beyond the core Climate NI contract the Climate NI team are involved in a range of complementary projects with a range of different funders which are covered in the Projects Section.