Health & Wellbeing

Climate change could potentially offer both risks and opportunities to health and wellbeing in NI.

There is a potential opportunity for health and wellbeing due to a decline in the number of hospital admissions in winter due to milder weather. There is an expectation of increased demand for emergency services to deal with flooding and wildfires.

Sector Briefings on Climate Risk (UK)

Health and Social Care: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

High Temperatures: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

Flooding and Coastal Change: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment


National Summary of Climate Risk (NI)

National Summary: Climate Change Risk Assessment for Northern Ireland

Climate NI Overview Presentation: Health & Wellbeing


Climate NI Health & Wellbeing Network

This regional network is for organisations, health practitioners and individuals interested in climate and health issues relevant to Northern Ireland, to enable access and sharing of information on risks as well as potential responses and solutions. Join the Climate NI Health & Wellbeing Network on Knowledge Hub.


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