Climate change is expected to impact business functions such as products and services, site location distribution, supply chain, productivity and access to capital.

Sector Briefings on Climate Risk (UK)

Business: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

Agriculture and Food: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment

High Temperatures: UK Climate Change Risk Assessment


National Summary of Climate Risk (NI)

National Summary: Climate Change Risk Assessment for Northern Ireland

Climate NI Overview Presentation:

Guide: Climate Change Resilience for SME Businesses in Northern Ireland

In October 2023, Climate NI launched a new guide that we’ve developed as a first step to help small and medium sized (SME) businesses understand the impacts of a changing climate and how to report climate-related risks. This guide aims to support businesses to better understand climate-related reporting and simplify the TCFD process so it is more accessible to a range of business sizes and sectors. Climate NI worked in collaboration with sector experts in Invest NI, Business in the Community NI and Marsh to develop this guide. This project is funded by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

We have a few ways your business can engage with this work, through Invest NI’s online guide: Climate-related financial disclosure reporting (TCFD)

Alongside Invest NI’s guide you will find additional resources, including a bit more detail in the Climate Change Resilience for Businesses in Northern Ireland guide as well as a simple Climate Change Risk Register Tool for SMEs to get you started on assessing how your business is at risk. We hope you find this set of resources useful when starting your journey towards understanding climate risks and climate-related reporting for your business.

1. Information about Business Risks

DfI Flood Maps – to assess if your business is located in a flood risk area

2. Practical Business Assessment

Business in the Community – BERG 10 Minute Assessment

NI Business Info Guide – Protect you Business from Flooding

NI Business Info Guide – Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)


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