Carbon Literacy Action Day

On the 7th November 2022 Carbon Literacy Action Day was held across the world, co-ordinated by the Carbon Literacy Project.

In Northern Ireland we deliver Carbon Literacy training across the country, supporting council staff, public bodies and businesses to become carbon literate.


What is Carbon Literacy training?

When people undertake Carbon Literacy training they are:

  • Developing a greater understanding of the climate crisis and your footprint.
  • Understanding the different ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprint as an individual, organisation or community.
  • Creating a positive change in your life, organisation or community.
  • Developing a strong understanding of the impacts of climate change on the wider world and understanding climate injustice.
  • Working to create lasting change and hope for all.


Climate Literacy Action Day 2022

For Climate Literacy Action Day 2022 we piloted training to staff at Northern Ireland’s Housing Executive. We were delighted to have such engaged and active particpants, and look forward to hearing their personal and group pledges, delivering sustained action on climate adaptation and mitigation in the housing sector.

Are you interested in carbon literacy training for your organisation? Contact Amy to discuss further