Renewables: research shows wind energy providing massive savings

Research conducted by Wind Energy Ireland and Baringa shows that investments in wind energy infrastructure are paying dividends, with some £243 million saved in Northern Ireland last year alone. These savings are measured in comparison to the gas that would have been imported and consumed otherwise, in terms of cost of purchase and carbon credits. It is thought this has had a positive impact on consumer energy prices, though there is no direct data on this. A certain proportion of these savings will go to wind energy operators.

These savings also reflect a mitigation of 0.9 million tons of CO2 emissions – equivalent to around 200’000 homes. They find that across the island wind has generated 13.7 terrawatt hours of electricity, providing around 35% of Ireland’s electricity over the course of the year.

Read the findings here.

Nearly half of NI’s electricity is generated by renewable energy. With a target of 80% renewable energy production by 2030, however, further progress is urgently needed.

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Wind farm

Photography by Abby Anaday on Unsplash