Northern Ireland to enter heatwave as high temperatures remain

Wednesday is expected to be the third consecutive day where a temperature in Northern Ireland will reach 25C or higher.

It will officially mark the current spell of weather as a heatwave – the last of which was at the end of June.

On Tuesday, Castlederg in County Tyrone was the hotspot, recording a maximum temperature of 26.4C. It was the highest since 26.4C was recorded at Helen’s Bay, County Down, on 24 June.

In Northern Ireland, a heatwave is when temperatures exceed 25C for at least three consecutive days. Wednesday’s top values are also likely to be in the west.

On Thursday, temperatures are forecast to reach 27C or higher, challenging the current September maximum of 27.6C. That was recorded in Armagh on 1 September 1906 – over 100 years ago.

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Christo J via pexels