Climate NI at the European Climate Change Adaptation conference 2023

The 6th European Climate Change Adaptation (ECCA) Conference took place in Dublin from the 19-21st of June. The theme for this conference, Actionable Knowledge for a Climate Resilient Europe, brought together policy experts and practitioners from across Europe in-person and online.

Climate NI is delighted to have partnered with a number of organisations to deliver sessions at ECCA about our work.


Tuesday 20th June

NI Adapts

We will be presenting about our NI Adapts tool. The NI Adapts tool supported organisations to undertake a methodological approach to ‘adaptation’ with the overall aim of building resilience in Northern Ireland to the potential negative impacts of climate change, whilst allowing us to take advantage of any possible opportunities.


Wednesday 21st June

Transboundary Adaptation Learning Exchange (TalX)

TalX was an innovative learning network, bringing together University College Cork, Environmental Research Institute, Sniffer, Climate NI, Northern Ireland Environment Link and Climate Ireland. As part of the projects work, a Capability and Maturity Model (CMM) was developed. This session will be led by members of the research team from University College Cork (UCC).


Creating Successful Adaptation Action

Led by the Irish Climate Change Advisory Council Secretariat with collaboration from UK Climate Change Committee and Climate NI.  This session explored the role of adaptation indicators in helping achieve a resilient and just societal transformation in the face of climate change and other socio-economic drivers.  The three organisations explored the following questions:
  1. What does success look like in adaptation/resilience building
  2. Which data do we need to create that success?
  3. What monitoring and evaluation frameworks can support this?
Climate NI specifically focused on: Challenges of applying indicators at a sub-national level.

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