Future of Urban Green Space Vision and Routemap Launched

Local people from the voluntary, health, business and statutory sectors, universities, along with green space users have joined together to create a plan with the vision of seeing urban green spaces as key community assets, connecting people, enhancing nature, and helping towns and cities adapt to climate change. The collaboration hopes to pave the way for urban green spaces to play a key role in addressing the health, nature and climate crises.

Physical and mental health benefits of access to urban greenspace in Northern Ireland estimated to total of over £1bn every year – made up of a mental wellbeing value of £717m per annum and a physical wellbeing value of £381m per annum – these are savings to the NHS by preventing people from needing to access services or helping them to recover more quickly.The report published is calling on funders, business, and people to invest in greening in our towns and cities.

The report along with suggested action of how you can get involved are found at https://www.nienvironmentlink.org/projects/urban-green-spaces/

Will Stringer