Crafting Businesses for a Sustainable Future

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Crafting Businesses for a Sustainable Future

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As we face the current climate crisis, various strategies are being implemented to alleviate environmental distress and foster sustainable development. Notably, a surge of government investment is creating expansive opportunities within the environmental sector. This emerging landscape, catalysed by movements like and increased environmental awareness, presents unique prospects for business initiatives focusing on sustainable practices. Solarpunk, an artistic and literary movement, envisions a deliciously sustainable future intertwined with nature and community, advocating for an . This masterclass aims to capitalise on this surge of interest, delivering actionable knowledge and tools to those interested in participating in this green revolution – from individual enthusiasts to early stage and established business owners


This masterclass will provide a look into the environmental sector, presenting a comprehensive view of the opportunities opened by government investment and emerging trends like Solarpunk. In addition to that, it will introduce concepts applicable to this sector, guiding participants through the process of identifying and addressing the challenges they might face. The class will feature case studies of successful business models in the environmental sector, and offer practical guidance on how to integrate sustainable practices into existing business models. Through hands-on activities, participants will learn to generate and articulate ideas in groups, contributing to a shared repository of sustainable business ideas.

Key Questions

  • How can you identify and leverage opportunities in the environmental sector
  • What do design thinking processes look like in the context of this sector
  • How can we harness the energy of movements like Solarpunk to create sustainable and regenerative business models
  • How can sustainable practices be integrated into existing business models?

Benefits & Outcomes:

  • Gain knowledge on design thinking concepts, with a special focus on applications within the environmental sector
  • Learn from case studies of successful sustainable businesses, and get insights on integrating sustainability into existing business models
  • Participate in hands-on activities, fostering practical skills for idea generation and presentation within a sustainable business context
  • Have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and potential collaborators, and to take forward or develop their business proposals

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