What next for progress to COP27?

By Gareth Redmond-King for ECIU

Over half way between COP26 and the next climate summit, in Egypt, progress on promises made in Glasgow is slow. It’s time for political leaders to get serious about delivering on promises to keep 1.5° alive. That includes translating action to reduce reliance on fossil fuels into stronger targets to close the ambition gap. But also more effort and finance to support developing countries, and urgent actions to address the looming global food crisis. That’s the message from experts watching key global meetings this June, ahead of G7 leaders meeting in Germany.

At the start of June, climate negotiators met in Bonn to progress decisions from the Glasgow COP, and plan ahead for COP27. With senior politicians from most countries largely absent from these technical talks, and progress limited, attention turns next to more high-level meetings – most notably, G7 leaders on 26th June.

ECIU Senior Associate, Richard Black, suggests the Bonn meeting had limited scope for breakthroughs:

“There are lots of parallel processes going on; a lot of them at the beginning. So what we’ve seen are the opening remarks – the opening evidence, to enable delegates to judge where we are, and therefore what’s to be done about it. Processes kicked off at Glasgow last year are having their first outing. So a lot of what we’ve seen has been countries laying down opening positions.”

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