RESIL RISK 2023 Report Launched

On 9th November NIEL launched the RESIL RISK Northern Ireland 2023 report outlining insights into public perceptions of climate risks and adaptation strategies. The survey, carried out in May 2023, is a repeat of the 2022 survey with the addition of a section gauging public attitudes to local food and farming.

Findings highlight public concern around the urgency of climate change, with poor harvests driving up food prices as the most significant climate concern for people in Northern Ireland. Support for climate adaptation policies was strong among respondents, particularly for ‘nature-based solutions to reduce flood risks, reducing dependency on imported goods, and introducing climate-resilient building regulations’.

Key findings and associated recommendations from RESIL RISK Northern Ireland 2023 will facilitate the design of effective climate communications and public engagement within the local context, with a view to fostering civil society action and climate resilient communities.

This report was funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council through the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN) as part of the Rural Resilience Project which aims to support farmers in Northern Ireland with adaptation to climate change.

Read the report here