Transboundary Adaptation Learning Exchange (TaIX)

‘Transboundary Adaptation Learning Exchange’ (TalX) is a collaborative project working across Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, England and Wales and is an EPA–funded research project.

The TalX project is an Irish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded research project that aims to establish an innovative learning network to enable a cohesive approach for measuring and acting on climate change adaptation across boundaries. This project seeks to develop best practice for processes which empower national, sectoral and local decisions makers on a transboundary scale.

It is led by the SFI Centre for Energy, Climate and Marine (MaREI), at University College Cork, in partnership with Climate NI (NIEL) and SNIFFER from Scotland.

What are the TalX outputs?

The TalX research aims to support and progress adaptation action across the UK and Ireland. To do this we are:

  1. Developing an Adaptation Capability and Maturity Model (CMM) through a co-creation process with adaptation practitioners and policy-makers,
  2. Establishing communities of practise for adaptation practitioners,
  3. Providing an assessment of national adaptation policy across the five jurisdictions areas (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Ireland).

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