We Built This City on Rock and Coal

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We Built This City on Rock and Coal brings scientists and theatre-makers to the rural west of Ireland for a co-created comedy show driven by hopepunk, climate research, music, and what matters most to the local community. It’s a show that’s fun for you, and good for the planet! We believe that every individual and their community can be part of a solution to climate change.

The show holds space for audience members to speak up and/or be interviewed. These source materials are used by international improvisation experts to inspire scenes, songs and sketches that are unique to each show and community.

To follow on from the show, join The Sustainable Life School at 12pm in Cleaver Restaurant on the 19th of June for a fun and informal workshop where you can chat about the challenges to living more sustainably in your area and learn what you can do both as an individual and with your community to have a positive impact on the environment. We will share some simple eco changes you can make in your daily life such as reducing plastic, how to be more sustainable with your clothes and the benefits of climate friendly food choices. You will come away more informed and empowered on how to take action on climate by living more sustainably.

We Built This City on Rock and Coal is a recipient of the Creative Climate Action fund, an initiative from the Creative Ireland Programme. The project is also supported by iCRAG, the SFI Research Centre in Applied Geosciences hosted at University College Dublin, and the University of Galway. More information is available at http://webuiltthiscity.ie/


Cleaver Restaurant
High Street, Holywood, BT18 9AB


We Built This City

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