Launch of City Health Profile Summary Document

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Join Belfast Healthy Cities for the launch of the City Health Profile summary document for the city of Belfast.

The City Health Profile brings together a comprehensive range of data; while most of these are publicly available, we have presented these data together in an accessible, concise and integrated way, highlighting potential inequities.

The profile provides data and analysis from a wide range of sources using the 6P framework of the World Health Organization (WHO) European Healthy Cities Network Phase VII (2019-2026): People; Prosperity; Place; Planet; Peace and Participation. It builds on the last city health profile, Divided by Health, published in 2008.

Belfast was successfully designated to the WHO Phase VII Network in 2021 and, whilst developing a city health profile is a requirement of being a designated member of the WHO Network, the profile is an invaluable resource for agencies and citizens in the city.

Full chapters on each of the six Ps are also available and dates for the launch of each chapter will be available soon.

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