‘Climate security is energy security’: Alok Sharma urges world to ‘break dependency on fossil fuels’

Michael Holder via BusinessGreen

In speech to mark sixth month anniversary of Glasgow Summit, COP26 President argues ‘net zero means security, prosperity, and preventing the problems of the present from growing inexorably’

The world cannot lose sight of the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis amid soaring energy costs and Russia’s brutal war in Ukraine, COP26 President Alok Sharma has warned this morning, arguing that a failure to honour the commitments made at last year’s Glasgow Summit would be “an act of monstrous self-harm”.

In a speech in Glasgow to mark six months since the landmark UN Climate Summit, the COP26 President conceded the Kremlin’s “illegal and brutal” war, rising inflation, and cost of living concerns had dominated the political and media agenda in 2022, but stressed that climate action must remain a top priority for governments around the world.

“The clouds have darkened over the international landscape,” Sharma said. “War has returned to Europe. The tectonic plates within our geopolitics have shifted. Inflation is spiking around the world. Debt is mounting. Energy prices are rising. And globally, people are struggling to feed their families -all as we continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic. As a result, climate is understandably no longer in the front pages as it was in the lead up to COP26.

“Yet the current crises should increase not diminish our determination to deliver on what the world agreed here in Glasgow, because they show with devastating clarity why it is imperative to do so.”

Sharma argued climate risks were deeply connected to other current geopolitical crises, pointing to the high costs and risks attached to the global economy’s continued reliance on fossil fuels, and the huge benefits of switching to domestic, green sources of energy such as wind and solar which are already cheaper than fossil gas in most parts of the world…

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