Climate change: Most NI homes ‘need upgrade’ to meet net zero goal

Most homes in Northern Ireland need to be upgraded to be more energy efficient if 2030 net zero targets are to be met, a report has found.

It found, on average, the properties do not retain heat as well as those in the rest of the UK and Ireland.

The Ulster University study is part of a report by the Forum for Better Housing Market NI, a group which looks at issues in the local housing market.

The forum said “we need to act now” to cut emissions from the housing sector.

In total, the report found that about 60% of homes need to improve their energy efficiency to help Northern Ireland towards reaching its net zero goal.

The report also indicated that about 50,000 buildings a year must be improved in order to hit the target of a 56% reduction in energy-related carbon emissions from the housing sector in Northern Ireland.

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Pok Rie via Pexels