Carbon Literacy – 30,000 Certified Learners!

Helen Filby via Carbon Literacy Project

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have reached another huge learner milestone, less than three months since the previous one!

Over 30,000 learners are now certified as Carbon Literate. This means that more than 60,000 actions have been pledged ​​– in communities, businesses, local authorities, schools, and universities, across the UK and beyond – to cut carbon emissions across all sectors of our society.

What’s more, with over 30,000 Carbon Literate citizens spread across the globe – doing things differently, affecting their organisations and their neighbourhoods, creating the market for low-carbon goods and services, and changing society with increasing rapidity – a cultural shift is not only anticipated but already ensuing.

Processing and certifying 2,233 learners in March, and over 5,000 citizens as Carbon Literate since the beginning of 2022 is astounding to us – it took 5 years to reach the first 5000 – and could not have happened without the commitment and determination shown by the Carbon Literacy community, far and wide, from both new and longstanding members.

Since reaching our last big learner milestone, we have also welcomed 14 new Carbon Literate Organisations, whose work are sure to help keep the pace of change up.

Those of you that have been following us for a while may have noticed that the numbers aren’t the only thing to have been updated in this version of the infographic!

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